Haunted Ustalav, the Carrion Crown

Assault on Schloss Caromarc
Schloss Caromarc

After gaining entry into the gatehouse and defeating the trolls there, the party explored the manse proper and rested. After resuming there search, they entered the ruined alchemical wing and fought several rust monsters that they handily defeated. Upon attempting to cross the rope bridge to the Living Museum, Griff failed to detect the trap that summoned an erynies that peppered the party with withering missle fire.

The paladin Veritas Irferren (Veri) attempted to cross the bridge to help, but slipped and fell 150’ into the raging waterfall below. She did manage to make it out barely alive and rejoined the party. By that time the summoning spell had disappeared, and the the party made its way back to Leipedstadt to re-equip and heal. The following morning they made it to the Living Museum and fought their way through the various creatures encountered. After finding the hidden path they have made it to the base of the fourfold tower and forced the door open. Three feet of water spilled out and now they are peering into the darkness revealed.


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